YouTube Views And Traffic For Your Video Blogs

Everyone wants to know how to increase YouTube views and get more traffic to their video page or from their videos to their website.

3 Tips To Increase Your Views And Traffic From Your YouTube Channel

  1. Ask watchers to subscribe. By building up your subscribers you increase your views and keep the view numbers more consistent. For me, if I have over 100,000 views it means that video has gone viral because I don’t have that many subscribers. BUT it is normal for iJustine to have over 100,000 views on each video because she has over a million subscribers. Her video didn’t go viral – her fans watched it in their subscription list.

Use your customized subscription link.

  • Put your customized subscription link as the very first thing in your description. Make it the complete link and YouTube will make it clickable and it will be much easier for your watchers to subscribe.
  • If you have a YouTube icon on your website make the link connected to it your customized subscription link.
  • Add an annotation at the end of your videos asking people to subscribe. Make the annotation link…you guessed it…your customized subscription link.
  1. Put your social media links in your YouTube page sidebar.If I fall in love with someone’s videos there’s a good chance I want to learn more about them. I want to find out where they interact online [it sounds a bit like stalking but it’s what we want, right?]. If the video didn’t tell me where to go I check their YouTube page sidebar.

Add links to your social media sites.

YouTube has made it easy for users to add clickable links under the channel’s description. Once you are logged in go to “My Channel” and click the “Edit” button in the right sidebar. Add your links and save.

  1. Add links to all your other sites in EACH videos description.After I had someone leave a comment and say, “Are you on Facebook?” I knew that my sidebar links weren’t apparent to everyone. This is what each of my video descriptions have now:

I’d love to hear from you! Here’s how to connect with me:

Google Plus:

and because they are the complete links with http:// YouTube makes them clickable for me. Thank you YouTube!

Customize your default settings to have your links in each description.

Don’t worry; this can be a once and done thing. You don’t have to manually add the links each time. Whatever you add in the default settings will automatically be added each time you upload a new video. Sweet!

Some of you over achievers might want to go through and add the links to all past videos. If you have extra time, feel free; BUT if you are a busy person with lots to do I suggest that you just add them to your most popular past videos. Go to your Video Manager page and click the drop down at the top to change the list from “Newest” first to “Most Viewed.”

Now you know 3 easy ways to direct traffic on your YouTube page and get more views. They don’t take a lot of time or work to set them up but you’ll benefit from them for a long time.

Here’s a video for you in case you are still asking, “How do I get more views for my videos?