Customize Your YouTube Subscription Link

It’s great to ask people to subscribe to your video, and it’s even better to supply the link that takes them directly to your subscribe button. No passing go. No collecting $200. Just subscribe!

Where do you find the YouTube Subscription Link?

Here’s mine. You just need to change the user name to your own:

For a while I saved mine as a bookmark so I could easily open it in another window, copy, and paste. But when I changed computers, used a different browser, or restarted because of a virus I didn’t have that link.

Maybe you could just memorize the link, but I have so many other things that I need to remember that it would push the link right out of my mind.

I could create a or other short link that is easier to remember. Haven’t tried that yet…

Here’s what you can do if you don’t have it saved or memorized:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account
  2. Click on the dropdown in the top right corner and go to your video manager page.
  3. Click on a video title so you go to the video page.
  4. Click “Annotations” in the horizontal black bar.
  5. Click “Add annotation.”
  6. Checkmark the link box.
  7. Pick “Subscribe” in the dropdown beside link.
  8. Type your channel name in the box.
  9. Click the blue “preview link”.
  10. Copy the url from the new window that pops up.

And there you have it. It’s simpler than it looks, and hopefully the customized YouTube subscription link will help more viewers subscribe without getting distracted.

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