YouTube For Business

Yes, there are many silly videos on YouTube. There are lots of cats, video blog rants, skateboarding dogs, etc. Don’t let that stop you from using YouTube for business. In this post are 17 ways to use YouTube for business, but first let’s look at the demographics to see why you should use YouTube For Business.

I’ve often thought that YouTube is mostly tweens and teens; but the largest group is actually 34.7 million women ages 18-54. If they go by user accounts that would include all the mothers that are occupying their children by watching funny or cute clips online. [I speak from experience.] It’s still a large number of women – 5.4 million out of 8.9 million users – who are “active online consumers.”  2.2 million of them are online every day [This also agrees with my experience]; and 71% of those women shopped online in the last 6 months [well, duh!].

The second largest group is 27.9 million men ages 18-54 that like movies [another duh!], like to live stream, and often give advice about electronics and music. The third group is teenagers with 54% of all teens being on YouTube.

Just knowing those facts should make you want to have your business visible on YouTube. Those are on top of the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine and is helpful just as a video host.

17 Ways To Use YouTube For Business

You can use YouTube For Business on a very basic and simple scale within your company with private videos:

  1. Share slides or actual videos of presentations.
  2. Answer FAQs.
  3. Document procedures of how things should be done.
  4. Share an important message for the whole company that you don’t want mixed up as it gets passed around.
  5. Motivation or inspiration from employers.

Then think of how videos can help your customers:

  1. Embed a video on your website to create trust.
  2. Answer FAQs.
  3. Share tips or how-tos.
  4. Show customers how the product is made.
  5. Reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers.

Lastly, use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business:

  1. Establish a presence on the second most used search engine to be found faster.
  2. Create a fun and educational video that people will want to share.
  3. Develop a good relationship with an online community.
  4. Promote an event, product, sale – promote anything!
  5. Introduce the behind the scenes to the general public and create authenticity & trust.
  6. Link to your optimized YouTube channel from social media networks.
  7. Buy ads through Google AdWords or pay to promote videos.

There are many levels of using YouTube; find what works good for you and your business. Just whatever you do – don’t ignore YouTube for business.

If you need some help with YouTube and your channel I am available to help you with just consulting or actually doing the work for you. Email for more info.