Video Blog Quality Vs Quantity

The trick is to find the best balance for you between quality and quantity. There are successful examples of vloggers that only publish once or twice a month, but their video is good enough to be on regular TV.  There are also successful examples of vloggers that publish every day, but their video is the same as my 8 year old son can do. Which way will work for you?

With excellent quality you need to:

  1. have excellent equipment.
  2. probably a script and directions to make sure you get all the shots you need.
  3. have the time to edit.
  4. market the life out of the finished video.

You may be able to publish a beautiful, polished vlog with hours of editing behind it once or twice a month. Once a week is pushing it if you have a full-time job and family, but feel free to prove me wrong.

With abundant quantity you need to:

  1. upload quickly and consistently.
  2. have a lot of topics to talk about.
  3. use whatever camera you have wherever you are.
  4. not worry about mistakes.

When I recorded video for 31 days in March Vlogging Madness they were not all my best work. The time limit of 24 hours meant that I couldn’t fix all the editing just so, do another take, or wait for just the right lighting. However, there was a significant increase in the amount of subscriptions I got during that time because of the consistency and amount of the content.

There is also nothing wrong with having some of each style. Sooner or later you will settle into the style that works best for you and your blog.