Vlog Topic Ideas for VEDA

Are you familiar with VEDA? It stands for Vlog Every Day in April and then later in the year it will be in August. The amount of videos uploaded to YouTube during those months is even more mind boggling than usual!

Often the videos are pretty casual; obviously there is not time for a lot of production time. Some use the month as a springboard to get back into vlogging on a regular basis while others only vlog during April and August. Some use it to jump head first into the vlogging community while others do it to pump out a bunch of video content for Google to find.

7 things a daily vlog can accomplish:

  1. More content which equals
  2. More subscribers and traffic which leads to
  3. Higher cpms [money from ads].
  4. A better comfort level with the camera,
  5. More knowledge of the video hosting platform,
  6. More ideas of things to vlog about, and
  7. The start of a vlogging habit/addiction. [mwa-ha-ha]

So now you need some ideas for vlogs, right? I’ve got 4 topic lists for you!

Vlog Topic Ideas

  1. YouTube Mommy Meetup has a daily list that is – obviously – geared towards moms. #YTMM
  2. I don’t know much about Jubes26, but she shared 30 questions for next month.
  3. Last year I was very impressed with Steph and how she built community around VEDA. She has daily prompts and a link to sign up. #BattenVEDA
  4. Amy at Savvy Sexy Social has been hosting VEDA for years and once again has a calendar of topics and a place to sign up. #SSSVEDA

If you are looking for new channels and/or people to connect with on YouTube the sign up lists are great for that! Even if you don’t want to do VEDA you could work your way through the list commenting on the other channels and make some new friends.

I think I’m going to try to batch record some vlogs so I can participate on my Jendi’s Journal channel. Let me know if you are doing VEDA!