YouTube Settings For Private Videos

The main purpose of YouTube is to share videos with the world, so it is counter-productive to upload a video and keep it private, right? However, I can think of some reasons to use the YouTube settings for private videos.

  1. Someone brand new to video blogging that wants to select who sees it.
  2. A video that needs edited.
  3. The video contains family and friends that don’t want to be online.
  4. It needs to be approved before the public views it.

What Are YouTube’s Private Settings?

private videosYouTube has 3 levels of privacy settings for your videos.

1. Public – This one is obvious and the default setting. You can close comments and disable embedding if you are worried about those. A public video will come up in related videos and general searches on YouTube as well as Google and your channel – which is really what most vloggers want.

2. Unlisted – Your video will NOT show up in search, related videos, your channel, nor to anyone just generally playing around in YouTube. BUT you can embed it on a website and share the link with anyone that you want. Just know that once they have the link they can share it or embed it – if you haven’t disabled embedding. Making it unlisted is not a guarantee that it won’t be seen; it just makes it harder for people to find it.

Once a video is embedded watchers can follow it back to YouTube. I often do this to see more of someone’s videos, whose channel it’s on, how many views it has, what the comments are, etc. If you see the YouTube logo on a video all you have to do is click on the logo and the YouTube page will open. Once they follow it back they have access to the share link and embed code – unless, of course, you disable them.

3. Private – The uploaded video will not show up in search at all, not on your public channel page, related videos nor anywhere else. You have to manually share it with others through email addresses. You can only share it with 50 people total and they have to have a YouTube account to view it. If you want to share a lot of videos with family I suggest that you check into a different video host designed for private group sharing of videos.

What the private setting is good for is if you want to upload a raw video from your phone or mobile device and polish it a bit before making it public. The private video setting is also a good choice if you need to get approval from someone before making it public.

Hope this helps you understand the YouTube settings for private videos. Once you get used to them I think you’ll realize what a great tool they can be for video blogging and marketing. I’d love to hear how you use the YouTube settings for privacy – leave me a comment!

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