How To Organize Videos On YouTube Channels

We do not have lives that fit into one niche and our online “lives” reflect that. It’s common for a vlogger’s YouTube channel to have a variety of topics and types of videos. That can work against getting subscribers and having a targeted audience.

“Should I start another YouTube channel?”

While I can’t emphatically answer that question, I can warn you that the more YouTube channels you have the more work it takes. When you start a new YouTube channel you are basically starting all over again. Of course you can tell your current subscribers, but they won’t all run over and subscribe to the 2nd channel.

When A Second YouTube Channel Is A Good Idea

1. You are popular for a certain type of video.

It is common for very popular YouTube channels to have a second channel that is more casual. Most of the time it is a video maker that has become well known for a particular type of video [i.e. music, parodies, skits] that then starts a second channel with much more informal content or quick vlogs from their phone. This allows the fans that really want to know more to subscribe to the 2nd channel.

2. You are a laser focused on a business.

If you have a separate business with its own website, customers, mailing list, products, etc. you should have a separate YouTube channel for the business. There’s a good chance the audience you are targeting will be different. Plus there is the possibility that you will want to sell your business some day. Then the YouTube channel becomes an asset included in the sale.

When A Second YouTube Channel Is A Bad Idea

1. You are struggling to make content and get subscribers for your original channel

If you can’t keep up with one channel, how in the online world are you going to keep up with a second channel?

2. The style of your videos are similar even if the subjects are different

As previously mentioned 2nd channels are often for an informal, get-to-know-you kind of content. If that is already what you are doing on your first channel don’t bother starting a second channel.

Make Your YouTube Channel More Cohesive

If you do any type of video blogging chances are you have recorded a variety of topics. Most people have events/activities, how-tos, reviews, family life, and more. Then someone asks you to make a video intro about your channel to entice new subscribers and you have no idea what your channel is about. [Or was that just me?]

  1. Put the videos you already have in playlists by category, even if the categories are very broad ones like the categories I mentioned above. Then you can easily point watchers to more of the same type of content by linking to the playlist in the description and an annotation. You can also have the playlists featured on the main page of your channel so new subscribers can see what you are about.

TIP: Put the category in the title of each video. Example: Best Canon For Vlogging – Review – Your YouTube Channel Name. This helps the Google/YouTube search engine know more specifically what the video is about and who to connect it with. It also helps your followers easily know what type of video to expect, and they can decide to click or not. Hopefully – to click!

  1. Make a schedule and be consistent. Let your watchers know what day you’ll publish a vlog with you talking to the camera, which day you’ll publish reviews, interviews, how-tos, etc. Put the schedule where it’s easy to see – in your About information, in your header and intro video description at least. Then if you have a subscriber that loves just one type of your videos they will know which day to stop by and watch.

TIP: Making videos in batches can help you be more consistent; you can use the YouTube scheduler or leave them unlisted until the right day. Also, editing can be done in pyjamas on bad days when it would be hard to record.

  1. It’s possible you need tocut back on content types. I think that quality trumps quantity on YouTube. Look over the videos you already have and figure out which ones get more views and comments.That is the type of video you definitely want to make more of. If you put some thought into it you can make whatever kind you want and put a twist on it to fit into your popular categories.

I hope these tips help you clear up your mish-mash with playlists, descriptive titles, and a schedule to make it easy for subscribers to see what you are about and when to come to your channel. Don’t worry about changing your life or style to organize your YouTube channel.  Change your YouTube channel to fit your style!