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online musicAlmost every blogger has a dream of creating a successful viral video, and honestly, what better way to do it than with an online video song! You can create songs about anything to do with your business, your personal life, your blog and more. With the success of shows like Glee, making a song out of normal life is hot. Even if you can’t sing, there’s always auto tune. As far as the words, start with the tune of a song you know, and change the words to suit your target market.

Bloggers such as Angela Wills of Marketers Mojo, has had some success and positive feedback with her song, “Dear Guru” and I’m sure you creative types out there can come up with a song of your own and maybe you’ll even go viral. You’ve heard of Justin Bieber, right?  He used YouTube to launch his music career. Without putting his music on the net he may not have been found. He is a success due to YouTube and online video songs! If that is possible, then anything is truly possible if you set your mind to it.

Musicians like Pomplamoose have found a true fan base and following by creating their online video songs and putting them on YouTube. They make money too, because you can download their songs for as little as a dollar each. As business people, you have to embrace what is a very popular marketing channel of the day. Today, video is huge, so online video songs should be on your list.

Even more crazy is the success someone like Antoine Dodson has had due to The Gregory Brothers auto tuning his already popular news interview. Once the auto tune magic happened the interview went viral. After the wave of attention Dodson received he embraced his flamboyant style and in spite of criticism now has a foundation for juvenile diabetes and even appeared on the BET Hip Hop Awards show as well as many popular news and entertainment shows. Love him or hate him, he’s created a business off one random event due to the popularity of his online video song.

Creating online video songs isn’t very difficult, all you need is a webcam or a video camera, a good mic and a computer. It helps to have some mixing software if you want to auto tune your voice, and believe it or not a lot of that type of software can be had for free via open source on the net. In addition, if editing video isn’t your cup of tea, there are people who can do some of it for you for a reasonable fee. If it doesn’t go viral maybe you can find a contest to enter and make some money that way.

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  1. Okay I can’t sing…but if I find a video on youtube that I like and would consider ‘cutting’ it to a song do I get the vids off youtube? Is there a download video link that I haven’t discovered?
    susanna´s last blog post ..The Military Life- The Perfect Day


  2. There are loads of examples of these when you did a little. I dont want to fill this comment with loads of links as I know its not a well mannered way of posting but have a look on youtube for the SEO Rapper or (to a more extreme) any of the lonely island songs, as, after all, thats how they got famous!
    kelly´s last blog post ..The sound of tinnitus


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