How To Edit Video Blogs

I’m so glad we have digital now!

I wish that I could just give all the tips and how-tos about how to edit video in one nice, neat post. However, there are so-o many different kinds of software and so many things to learn that it is impossible to cover it in one post. I’m going to try to make this a resource for you to find more information about editing video blogs.

Why do you edit video blogs?

  • To create a better experience.
  • To make a better video while NOT bringing attention to the editing.
  • To set a good pace.
  • To make sure the story is clearly told.

What software do you use to edit video blogs?

Most video bloggers start with free software that they already have. Computers come with free video editing software: Windows has Windows Live Movie Maker and Apple has iMovie.

There are resources online to help you with both of those programs:

There are some free video editing programs online. Two popular ones are:

  • Pixorial – I don’t have a lot of experience with them, but I’m sure they have information to help you with editing.
  • YouTube – The YouTube help site has information on their editor.

If you want to take your editing up a step but not pay an arm and a leg check out Final Cut Express, Pinnacle, or Magix editing software.

If you just want to go for broke and get one of the best programs out there [aka expensive] check out Corel, Adobe, Final Cut Pro, or Sony Vegas editing software.

Tip: is known for great tutorials on Final Cut Pro.

Remember that each software maker wants you to use and love their product so they usually provide tutorials and/or a help section. Check those first.

5 Tips On How To Edit Video Blogs

First: Make a plan and know what you want the video to look like before you start recording. Hollywood movies use scripts and storyboards. You probably don’t need anything elaborate and might be able to just figure it out in your head, but do at least think about it.

  1. What do you want behind you?
  2. What is your main point?
  3. Do you have any visuals?
  4. Are you going to record a blurb to play before the title?
  5. What website are you going to send people to?
  6. Will you do any jump cuts?
  7. Do you need to move the camera or can it remain steady?

Knowing things like that before recording will help to make sure you get all the shots you need and make your editing easier.

Second: Have a set intro that is either a small movie file or a picture design with your information on it that is simple to drop in every video. You can create a .jpg file that has your information/logo on it and drop it into the video at the appropriate place or hire someone to create an animated intro. It saves a lot of time and creates a unifying element for your videos.

Third: Cut, and cut, and cut some more! Have you noticed that all movies have deleted scenes? If it doesn’t contribute to the main point or move the story along – cut it. I’ve found that it helps to save the movie project, walk away, and come back later to watch it again. Often I see something else I could cut.

Fourth: Don’t overdo the special effects or transitions. I know that it is fun to add all that stuff, but it can become distracting to the viewer. The most used cut is still a plain jump from one scene to the next.

Fifth: Watch your favorite movies or vloggers and notice the editing. Then go try it on your own videos. The more you do it the more you will get better with the pacing, adding music, cuts and more. We consume video all the time and you probably don’t realize how you will feel if something is right on or slightly off. Don’t worry about learning everything at once! Try one thing and publish your video. Then next time try 2 things & publish, then 3 etc.

If you have specific questions I’m available for consultation. OR if you want to just have me do the editing for you I can do that too! You can contact me by email: jendi {at}

Check out other vlogging challenges here! Have a video that you’re proud of the editing? Leave a link in the comments!