Collab Ideas For YouTube Videos

A collaboration is when more than one video blogger works together to create content and share that content with each other’s audiences. The main idea is to find creators with similar target audiences in the hopes of introducing new people to each other and building both communities.

I was excited to be a part of this live hangout with the YouTube Mommy Meetup Group about Collaboration Ideas for Vloggers. We talked about types of and tips for collabs.

It is a very long video, but there is good information. Dana, our fearless leader, also shares the hangout audio as a podcast if you prefer to just listen.

Here is a list of collabs to try:

  • Feature Style
  • The Handoff
  • Group Style
  • Together IRL

To get some collab ideas in less time check out this collab video about collabs. LOL! It has some good information that can apply to any vlogger, no matter if you are a parent or not.

Have you been a part of a video collab? Leave your best tip in the comments!