10 Ways To Vlog Without Showing Your Face

You really, really don’t want to show your face in a video?  I think you should, but here’s some ideas to help you start vlogging without being stressed out about your face.

  1. 1. Reviews: Zoom in on the product and show it working while you are explaining.
  2. Take a walk and show the scenery
  3. Children or pets:  If you feel you aren’t cute maybe somebody else in your house is.
  4. 4. What about part of your face?  Can the side of your face be in the video? Or just from your eyes up?
  5. 5. Screenshots for tutorials
  6. Interview someone else while you are off camera asking the questions.
  7. 7. How-tos: Show your hands doing the work while you narrate.
  8. 8. Video a show, concert, seminar and add a running commentary.
  9. 9. Be creative with an editing or webcam program that disguises you.
  10. 10. Wear a mask. [okay – that’s tongue-in-cheek because I ran out of ideas, but wanted to make it to 10.]

Be creative if you really don’t want your face in the video. However – I think that by not showing your face you will lose the main draw of vlogging. Isn’t vlogging about communicating and connecting? Go for it!