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Samsung HMX-F90/F900 Camcorder (White) HD 720p

This item is Certified Refurbished product and is tested plus certified by the Samsung brand to operate like brand new. This model is also guaranteed with a 90 day warranty, plus it also includes all … [Read More...]

What is The Best Canon Vlogging Camera?

Online entrepreneurs should consider vlogging as part of their marketing strategy. A vlog, or a video blog, is the newest way to attract your audience. You can either use the video as an added … [Read More...]

Video Blog Recording

Top 8 Best Cameras for YouTube

Starting your own YouTube channel does not only require a catchy username. You also need to have a subject matter, and sufficient knowledge on copyright infringement and editing software. Of course, you need to have at least a decent camera to shoot your videos. Your … [Read More...]

Shotgun Microphone For Canon Vixia

I decided that I needed some better audio for my recordings since I'm finally doing a bit more video and recording in different places. Plus, I have an awesome YouTube meetup coming up with plans to record collabs in a noisy conference room and I'll need a … [Read More...]

Vlog Topic Ideas for VEDA

Are you familiar with VEDA? It stands for Vlog Every Day in April and then later in the year it will be in August. The amount of videos uploaded to YouTube during those months is even more mind boggling than usual! Often the videos are pretty casual; obviously there is … [Read More...]

You Probably Already Have A Great Video Camera

Year ago I came across this British guy who loved his Flip camera. Remember those? They changed a lot of things; but sadly are no more. Well, this guy named Jules was really sad about it also, but I watched as he went on to bigger and better things. He started using his … [Read More...]

Collab Ideas For YouTube Videos

A collaboration is when more than one video blogger works together to create content and share that content with each other's audiences. The main idea is to find creators with similar target audiences in the hopes of introducing new people to each other and building both … [Read More...]

How To Use Instagram Video

If you are involved in social media at all you've heard of Instagram. There's a good chance you've heard of it even if you don't use social media. It's a free app for both Android and iOS systems that can be used to share images through a smart phone or tablet. Did you know … [Read More...]

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Dealing With Hate Comments

I've kept my eye on YouTube since 2007. It has had a lot of growing pains. It started out crawling, … [Read More...]

Moms Love YouTube

I started vlogging because I wanted to interact with other women online. When I started many of the … [Read More...]

Video Tips From The Biggest Video Host

YouTube really does want you to host your videos on their site and build a community there. They … [Read More...]

Vlogging Prompts And Link-Up

I have no idea where Kathy comes up with all of her ideas, but week after week, month after month … [Read More...]

How To Find Trending Subjects For Your Content

Google is the largest search engine so any content creator wants Google to like them. Google wants … [Read More...]

Learn Video Marketing For Free

These are lessons for people that are serious about video marketing. If you run a business with a … [Read More...]

You Have Good Taste – Encouragement For New Video Bloggers

I know exactly what he means in this video. I know that it's not great and I want it to be better. … [Read More...]

Can You Gain Video Traction With These Tips?

Making a great video and putting it on YouTube is only the beginning. If you want to grow your … [Read More...]

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