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How To Get Tip Money From Your YouTube Watchers

Fan funding is becoming more and more popular, and I think it makes a lot of sense. Let the people that enjoy your content support you. PBS has been doing it for longer than I've been alive. There … [Read More...]

Find Your Favorite Music On YouTube

Did you notice a new tab near the top of your YouTube subscription area?I'm pretty sure it's already possible to find every song known to man on YouTube, and YouTube has been the launching point for … [Read More...]

Video Blog Recording

Flashpoint Matte Box And Shoulder Rig Video Review

Previously I posted our initial thoughts on the Adorama Shoulder Rig and Matte Box. Now we have a video showing you exactly how to assemble the matte box and add it to the shoulder rig. The rig makes mobile panning and holding steady much easier, and the matte box makes … [Read More...]

customized shirt

Ways To Use A Customized Shirt For Vlogging

As a video blogger there are several things you can do with a customized shirt. Use it to further brand your videos by wearing it in the videos. Have a guest wear one in your video. Make it easier to remember who you are at conferences by having it right on your … [Read More...]

video blogging products

5 Products To Help Vloggers

Thanks to Black Friday, my birthday, and Christmas all falling in the last 3 months of the year I made a haul of some fun products that will help with my video blogging. We purchased all of these. No agreement was made with any of the companies. . . In the video I show … [Read More...]

Vine tips

Vine Video: Basic Tips & Tricks

Vine (http://vine.co) is a mobile service that lets you create and share short videos. You get six seconds for a video that then loops over and over for the watcher. It started out with a lot of things that were not - shall we say - family friendly, but it has matured into a … [Read More...]

Shoulder Rig And Matte Box From Adorama – Product Review

My husband was so excited to try out the Flashpoint DSLR Shoulder Rig II with Rails & Quick Release System sent to us to review from Adorama. It was very easy to assemble - he didn't look at the directions or grumble at all. It's much better than carting a tripod … [Read More...]

video reviews

How To Make A Product Review Video

I find it easier to do a review on video. I like to show the product and how I use it instead of having to figure out how to get all of that across in text and what angles are best for photographs. I also trust videos more than photos because I have seen people do amazing … [Read More...]

Quick Clip Tips

Dealing With Hate Comments

I've kept my eye on YouTube since 2007. It has had a lot of growing pains. It started out crawling, … [Read More...]

Moms Love YouTube

I started vlogging because I wanted to interact with other women online. When I started many of the … [Read More...]

Video Tips From The Biggest Video Host

YouTube really does want you to host your videos on their site and build a community there. They … [Read More...]

Vlogging Prompts And Link-Up

I have no idea where Kathy comes up with all of her ideas, but week after week, month after month … [Read More...]

How To Find Trending Subjects For Your Content

Google is the largest search engine so any content creator wants Google to like them. Google wants … [Read More...]

Learn Video Marketing For Free

These are lessons for people that are serious about video marketing. If you run a business with a … [Read More...]

You Have Good Taste – Encouragement For New Video Bloggers

I know exactly what he means in this video. I know that it's not great and I want it to be better. … [Read More...]

Can You Gain Video Traction With These Tips?

Making a great video and putting it on YouTube is only the beginning. If you want to grow your … [Read More...]

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